We have exciting news for the Jordan River. With help from the Charlevoix Community Foundation, Great Lakes Fishery Trust, Antrim and Charlevoix County Road Commissions, the Oleson Foundation, Antrim County, and CRA’s members including River Care supporters, we are launching the design phase for three new stream crossings on Deer Creek and the Jordan’s mainstem!

Leading the effort is CRA Biologist Kim Balke, who said “This is pretty significant for the Jordan. I’ve been working with CRA for 24 years, and this is the first time I’ve worked on the design for three major crossings simultaneously.”

The project will replace the last two undersized structures on the river’s mainstem, found at Jordan River Road, East and West, and initiates work in Deer Creek where the stream flows under Fuller Road. New, channel-spanning bridges will resolve issues like fish passage barriers, erosion, and sedimentation while improving the overall health of the river and its surrounding habitat.

While design plans are underway, we are transitioning to fundraising for construction. “In order to get this large-scale project to the finish line, we will need to stack many hands,” says Development Director, Kat Hanson. “Please consider joining us! We would love to work with you or your organization to facilitate your involvement in this crucial project.” To learn more, contact Kim at kim@rivercare.org.