Our Programs

CRA envisions a future in which people coexist with the natural world according to Nature’s design.

When we replace a stream crossing or remove a dam, we aim to restore the river’s natural function while prioritizing the needs of wildlife and people. Our programs work in harmony to achieve that goal for all of Northwest Michigan.

River Care

Our signature River Care program supports the aesthetic and economic value of northern Michigan’s most vital waterways. Powered by people, we address physical problems that threaten our rivers by connecting fragmented streams, reducing erosion, and enhancing instream habitat for aquatic species.

Wild Roots

Wild Roots cultivates forests, empowers landowners, and helps to restore ecosystems. Our multifaceted approach includes cost-sharing for backyard forests, collaborating with community partners, planting projects on protected land, and much more.

Wild Link

Wild Link is a dynamic program that helps spread conservation knowledge where it matters: to landowners. Wildlife needs room to roam. This connected habitat ensures healthy reproduction, food, and cover. Our professional team advises landowners about wildlife-friendly management practices, such as restoring native meadows for pollinator habitat or rotational cutting of aspen for thriving grouse and woodcock.

Referrals to experts, agencies, and other resources help landowners meet their own goals using good science. We love working with people on voluntary projects, knowing that we are preserving large-scale connections to keep wildlife healthy!