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UpNorth Live 9/4/18

Free Span the Maple River Project Open House 

CRA hosted  an open house Monday, July 9th at Hoppies Landing Pellston airport to share information with the public about the upcoming Lake Kathleen/Woodland Road phase of our Free Span the Maple River initiative.  Lots of interested folks came out to learn more from project partners about this good work. Construction started the end of July and will continue into the fall.

Good Work Done Right on the Jordan

A full-span concrete bridge was completed on Old State Rd over the Jordan River last fall. The former twin culverts were significantly undersized for the Jordan River creating stream velocities that were a danger to paddlers and prevented the passage of some fish and aquatic species ... More

Farewell Boardman Dam

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers removed Boardman Dam marking the largest and most challenging phase of The Boardman: A River Reborn. Big thanks to the tremendous community of support for this landmark project ... More

In 1968, CRA was established with one goal - to preserve and protect northern Michigan’s waterways, wildlife, and forests for future generations.

CRA is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We restore and protect over 700 miles of rivers, 5,000 miles of tributaries & diverse forests throughout 4 million acres in Northwest Lower Michigan.

Where Are Your HomeWaters?

CRA wants to know more about which rivers you call your HomeWaters. We love to send the latest news to the people who care most. Let us know which rivers you’re most interested in ... More


Support Conservation that Matters

All of us that live, play, work, or visit this beautiful corner of Michigan share a responsibility to care for our rivers, land, and wildlife. The simplest act to accomplish this is to support the good organizations that protect our natural resources. 
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