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 Virtually Tour Upcoming River Care Projects with Us!

We are hosting a "Virtual River Tour" on Thursday, March 18 at 10am. CRA Program Director, Kira Davis, willl guide us through our upcoming project sites and offer time for discussion. We hope to see you there!...More

Updated Ottaway (Boardman) River Macro Survey

The Au Sable Institute recently completed a ten-year macroinvertebrate study to assess the revitalization of the river. The river’s most comprehensive macroinvertebrate study to date, the assessment returned some unexpected findings...More

New Crossings for the Platte

With three sites completed last year and another two on the horizon - the restoration of the Platte River is running smooth...More




In 1968, CRA was established with one goal - to preserve and protect northern Michigan’s waterways, wildlife, and forests for future generations.

CRA is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We restore and protect over 700 miles of rivers, 5,000 miles of tributaries & diverse forests throughout 4 million acres in Northwest Lower Michigan.

Where Are Your HomeWaters?

CRA wants to know more about which rivers you call your HomeWaters. We love to send the latest news to the people who care most. Let us know which rivers you’re most interested in ... More


Support Conservation that Matters

All of us that live, play, work, or visit this beautiful corner of Michigan share a responsibility to care for our rivers, land, and wildlife. The simplest act to accomplish this is to support the good organizations that protect our natural resources. 

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Our partners and supporters, like you, are what really make a difference. Your support of our organization and projects are what make the biggest impact. We appreciate your investment. Together, we do great work. 

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