A continental crossing in search of trout, clearwater…and self by Jeff Graft



In the fall of 1999 businessman Jeff Graft hopped on his bike north of Seattle and started pedaling east. Sixty-eight days later, he had reached the Atlantic Ocean, completing a 4,000-mile trip designed to raise money for the River Care Program of the Conservation Resource Alliance.

Jeff’s rollicking adventure is now captured in this new book. Published as a daily journal, Ride captures the heart of the American experience-from the vast expanses of beautiful scenery to the quirky, engaging personalities of the country’s inhabitants. Packing a fly rod and waders in place of a tent, what Jeff lacked in experience, he made up for in guts and determination. And each day also brought new insights into life and the environment. These observations will delight anyone searching for ways to make his or her life more meaningful and enjoyable.