Job Posting

Executive Director

Feb 6, 2024

Based on our strong regional reputation and 55 years of high-impact conservation work, CRA’s Board prepares the organization for the next chapter. We are well-respected across the Great Lakes and beyond, and the new Leader will inherit relationships and successes built on solid trust, deep collaboration, and cutting-edge conservation science.

The new Executive Director will join a highly respected, ambitious, and top-performing team. Our employee group takes pride in quality work, efficiency, and the highest ethics, compassion, and appreciation for the precious natural resources that depend on our care. Senior project managers and accounting staff have two decades or more of service, and we are continually adding bright new talent. CRA employees care about each other and enjoy solving problems and celebrating successes in a casual and fun atmosphere. Nine employees currently work from our Traverse City location and one works from Grand Rapids.

We all travel region-wide, with relationships and projects from Chicago to the Mackinac Bridge. The team is cohesive and confident, highly aware of individual strengths and weaknesses, and tuned in to what CRA does best and where our involvement should focus for the most significant impact.