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Wildlife Species and Habitat

Amphibians and Reptiles

Amphibians and Reptiles are an integral part of the ecosystem and a key bioindicator of environmental health. As part of CRA's efforts to preserve the environment, we contracted Herpetological Resource and Management, LLC (HRM) to assess the impact of our restoration work. The impact results and suggested best management practices are presented in this assessment document.

For more information on Michigan Amphibians and Reptiles read this informative publication by MDNR. The MDNRE also offers a list of Michigan Amphibians and Reptiles including information about each species.


Birds are not only an integral part of our dynamic ecosystem, but also an important part of our pastime cultural.  The dwindling numbers of certain bird species are evident to hunters, bird watchers, and to those of us that enjoy listening to birds singing during a hike.  Protecting the remaining populations and their habitats from further decreases is imperative.  Key habitats such as grasslands and early-successional forests need to be protected, recovered, and managed.  To learn more about grassland birds and the management of their habitat, read the Grassland Birds section in the MDNR Managing Michigan's Wildlife:  A landowner's guide.  For more information on early successional forest management, read Options for Managing Early-Successional Forest and Shrubland Bird Habitats in the Northeastern United States.

Some other great resources are:


As an important part of our natural ecosystem, Michigan's economy, and cultural, White-tailed deer have a dynamic affect on every Michiganders life. Read the following resources to learn more about the effects of White-Tailed Deer:


Insects are an intricate element of the ecosystem and play a curtail role in agriculture for pollinating. However, invasive insect can cause devastating damage. To learn about essential native insects and to learn about some invasive pests review the following resources:

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