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You hear a lot about protecting our precious natural resources for future generations. At CRA we take that idea very seriously. Although we may never be able to enjoy the natural world exactly as it was centuries or even decades ago, we know that if enough passionate individuals, concerned businesses, well focused foundations, and supported public agencies work together, the legacy of northern Michigan's great outdoors will continue. It has to start at a grass roots level. Teaching, sharing, creating opportunities for awareness is the cornerstone for building the future. That is why CRA is developing the River Care Kids program. All of the effort we have put into sensible conservation for nearly 50 years will not endure if we don't help nurture the stewards of tomorrow for these resources.

We envision working with young people on a local level to heighten their natural curiosity and concern. Our experience has been that these young "river people" are full of energy, capable of making their own impact on the watersheds near their homes, schools, and communities. The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations and resources. Already, a recent grant from the General Motors Foundation has helped support a terrific clean-up and watershed education field trip for over 80 kids from the Wellston Elementary School at Tippy Dam!


The Betsie Valley Elementary School Releases Fish!

"The program is about much more than the fish. These kids are going to be the decision-makers for the Betsie River 10 to 20 years from now."

We need your help. River Care Kids will grow and evolve into an amazing program with support and interest. Please be part of this building process by pledging your support to CRA's River Care Program with special emphasis for River Care Kids. Watch for specific events and projects and call CRA to find out how you can help!

Development of the River Care Kids program has been made possible because of the generous support from individuals, businesses, and foundations. The Conservation Resource Alliance is seeking additional support and partners for River Care Kids. Please contact Matt Thomas, CRA Develpoment Coordinator, at 231-946-6817 for further information.

"We wanted to build a program that would get kids involved with fun projects while fostering an understanding that they can make a difference," said CRA Development Coordinator, Matt Thomas. "we want them to see that they are part of the river's future so they'll be stewards of the river as they grow up."


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