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When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world. – John Muir

Because these rivers wind through multiple towns and counties, no one place has complete control of their well-being. Occasional, localized projects can not maintain the watershed restoration accomplishments obtained over the last two decades. What can be done?

The answer is the River Care Program administered by the Conservation Resource Alliance. Here, individuals and businesses can invest in a professional program that plans and implements long term river care that crosses political boundaries. River Care is a pro-active program created to guarantee that natural resource professionals maintain a consistent and prioritized action plan for each river, find and repair physical problems before they become worse, and maintain efficient, coordinated local watershed partnerships. Download a Sample Watershed Partnership Agreement in PDF format here.

The River Care Program is designed to maintain the aesthetic and economic value of northern Michigan streams. How? By connecting people - interest groups, landowners, developers, and government agencies - anyone who can help and who will benefit from clean water and healthy watersheds.


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This map illustrates some of the key watersheds in northern Michigan, many of them threatened by:

• Development
• Increasing and intense
  recreational use
• Eroding streambanks
• Failing or poorly designed

  culverts and bridges
• Poor agricultural and 
  livestock care practices

River Care projects provide opportunities for corporations, landowners, and interest groups to make a difference.
Healthy watersheds benefit everyone. River Care is the answer!
Stewardship begins early - River Care Kids teaches young people about practical solutions and responsible behavior.
The cumulative effects of hundreds of erosion sites threaten to turn our rivers into “biological deserts”.
All natural materials are used to stabilize and repair problem sites. Over time, the river channel is healed.


Check out river restoration accomplishments, needs and Best Management Practices in northern Michigan.

Supported by the
DTE Energy Foundation


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