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WildLink land owners are volunteers who want to develop their land sensibly, protect wildlife, and preserve the rural character of northwestern Michigan for outdoor recreation, hunting and wildlife watching in natural surroundings. Sometimes land owners come directly to us, and sometimes we approach land owners who are referred to us.

The program assists land owners in outlining a five to ten-year voluntary plan, detailing methods for developing or modifying land use in order to keep wildlife corridors open for animal movement.

We use a kitchen-table approach in dealing with land owners, taking the time to sit down, talk, and build a relationship. When the plan is complete and delivered to the land owner, we do not disappear; we continue our relationship with the land owner and assist them in fulfilling the plan.

While the planning is often free, land owners may be asked to personally invest in the implementation of the plan. The investment varies according to land circumstances and the land owner's wishes.

Some plans include plantings, selective tree harvests or nesting boxes to guarantee the natural and aesthetic values of the land for future family members and owners. Forest management also has a big impact on the wildlife habitat a landowner provides and can involve a combination of timber harvesting and site-preparation practices followed by planting diverse trees and shrubs or allowing them to regenerate naturally.

To see if you qualify for a free proposal that may help you preserve wildlife corridors and enhance water and land quality on your land, please contact us at (231) 946-6817, use our Contact Us form or fill out our Landowner Questionnaire.

"The Wildlife Habitat Management Plan we received from the WildLink Program is very impressive. It included an aerial photo, a soils map, sections on timber management, wildlife habitat, recreation and aesthetics, and special areas for management and protection... I was surprised with the thoroughness and detail."

- Participating WildLink Land Owner



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