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Pine River HomeWaters: Silver Creek Project Update

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Pine River HomeWaters: Silver Creek Project Update

The Pine River distinguishes itself among rivers in Lower Michigan with an acute drop in elevation, drawing attention to its steep banks and healthy habitat for wild resident salmonids including brook, brown and rainbow trout. The Pine is a favorite among paddlers for its fast water and light rapids and runs through large tracts of public land.

One popular stop is the Silver Creek State Forest Campground. With access to both the Pine River and Silver Creek, the campground offers great angling opportunities and popular hiking trails. To support the continued enjoyment of the river, partners are working to address crumbling streambanks where the trail is threatened on the section between the Silver Creek State Forest Campground and the Lincoln Bridge ORV crossing. The proposed project will protect and stabilize the eroding bluffs and trails, while also enhancing stream and corridor habitat. Read the full project update at Pine River - Silver Creek Project.

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