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Old Man Winter

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Old man winter went pretty easy on northern Michigan this year - although he may not be done with us yet! Even so, we are beginning to tick off our “yes, spring is really here” checklist. The robins have returned and the crocus flowers will be blooming soon. There are even a few brave souls who’ve taken off their snow tires. It’s time to swap out the snow boots for crick stompers and see what spring has in store. CRA is kicking off the field season this year with our annual free seedling give-a-way – be sure you are a current donor to reserve yours before they’re gone!

Feeling Free on the River Jordan

Poorly constructed and failing road/stream crossings contribute unnatural amounts of sediment and often prevent fish and other aquatic species from moving upstream. Characteristics that define failing crossings include culverts that are too small for the water flow, poorly aligned, too short for the stream channel, perched or simply falling apart. Addressing “worst first” problems, CRA is replacing the most severely degraded crossings with bridges and modern structures to control runoff, restore fish passage and improve public safety.

And that’s exactly what we did on the Jordan River. A full-span concrete bridge was completed on Old State Rd over the Jordan River last fall. Get all the details at Good Work Done Right on the Jordan River and watch our Jordan River HomeWaters video.

Betsie River Love

CRA and partners at the Grand Traverse County Road Commission are looking forward to reconnecting Mason Creek to the Betsie River Watershed. The current road/stream crossing at Mason Creek & East Duck Lake Rd completely disconnects Mason Creek from Duck Lake, both important headwater areas of the Betsie River. Success for this project comes when the existing poorly designed and degraded culverts are replaced with a modern, safe and environmentally-designed free-spanning timber bridge. See how this project fits into Benzie County River Care™.

What’s Next on the Boardman River

The Boardman Dam and former impoundment went through a dramatic metamorphosis last year. Be sure to look through our Boardman Dam Photo Collection to see for yourself. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be returning to the site this spring for additional channel, floodplain and sediment management work. Partners are also planning additional habitat enhancement projects including tree planting in the new bottomlands.

Plans are moving forward to remove Sabin Dam this year. The Michigan DEQ has issued the permit for the removal of Sabin Dam. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expects to start the bidding process shortly. The Grand Traverse Conservation District’s Boardman River Nature Center will be open throughout the removal project. Please vist The Boardman: A River Reborn for the latest information.

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