Partners and Donors

Wildlife and river restoration starts and ends with people just like you … but did you know a whole network works together behind the scenes? 

Every single CRA restoration project integrates funding and input from a range of interested parties, like local community organizations, federal agencies, and more. This diversity of ideas and financial support is critical because long-lasting solutions require a careful balance best reached by hearing all voices – from science and regulation to local history, tribal culture, and practical factors that will ensure community ownership.  And to cross the finish line, our ambitious goals need public grants, private contributions to match those grants and fill gaps, and volunteer assistance to keep costs reasonable.  

So, from the bottom of northern Michigan’s wild rivers to the tip-top of its protected forests, we thank you for supporting CRA’s mission. Your contributions ripple deeply and widely across the entire Great Lakes region by preserving community treasures. Future generations will have YOU to thank for healthy watersheds and thriving wildlife!

River Care is generously supported by: 
Other support for River Care comes from: Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians, The Walters Family Foundation, The George Fund, Andrew R. and Janet F. Miller Foundation, Serra Family Foundation, and Packaging Corporation of America 
Wild Roots is supported by: Consumers Energy Foundation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation – Sustain Our Great Lakes Program, Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Habitat Grants Program, Bass Pro Shops and Cabelaʼs Outdoor Fund, ITC, National Forest Foundation, Huron-Manistee National Forests, and Pour for More. This project is funded in part by Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grants through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These institutions are equal opportunity providers. 
Individual donor support comprises a substantial part of our funding stream, and we want to publicly thank all our members who continue to support CRA, especially our Monthly Sustainers. We welcome your engagement as part of the CRA family, so please stay in touch!
If you are interested in exploring donor opportunities, including hosting an event for us, becoming a Monthly Sustainer, making a planned gift, or other ways to help, please contact Kat Hanson, our development director. 

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Support Our Work

Investments in CRA ensure that we can continue to bring together landowners, businesses, organizations and government agencies to plan and implement the steps necessary to preserve, develop, or responsibly change the land within our region.