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About Wild Link

The WildLink Program assists volunteer land owners in managing private-property corridors used by wildlife for travel between one large parcel of land (such as state-owned wildlife areas) to another. Its aim is to preserve the rural character of northwestern Michigan for outdoor recreation, hunting and wildlife watching in natural surroundings.

The program assists land owners in outlining a five to ten-year voluntary program for developing or modifying land use in order to keep wildlife corridors open for animal movement.

We're not one of those groups that thinks its either people OR the environment. We believe healthy habitat is highly compatible with human activity and economic growth. For example, fishing adds $2 billion annually to Michigan's economy. To us, sensible stewardship means balancing human activity and economic growth with a healthy environment. And a healthy environment must start with healthy habitat.

Your land may be a critical link in a wildlife corridor chain. The bottom line goal of the project is to keep things off the endangered species list. Please take time to explore how the WildLink Program can help you, your land, the wildlife and the water in your area.


One of our fears was, 'Are they going to come in here and make us do something? Are they going to tie us up in some kind of paperwork or limit what we can do on our property?' But that was not the case. It's all up to the landowner. It's flexible. I appreciated that."

- Participating WildLink Land Owner

You and Your Land are the WildLink

Helping Land Owners One-on-One

  • Quality deer management
  • Promote "old growth"
  • Manage timber for profit
  • Provide firewood
  • Attract songbirds

WildLink Projects

  • Food plots
  • Nest boxes
  • Quality timber management
  • Shrub and tree plantings
  • Wetland restoration
  • Stream habitat improvements
  • Siting of roads, driveways, buildings
  • Conservation easements

Evaluation Process

  • Evaluation task force
  • Evaluation plan
  • Short-term goals
  • Long-term goals
  • Process and outcome
  • Measures of success

Pilot Study: Maple River Corridor

  • Emmet County
  • Connects public and conservation lands
  • Concentrated pilot effort
  • Evaluate the impact we can make in a medium-sized corridor
  • Emphasis on evaluating change, participation, local observations
  • Involve 30+ landowners in 3 years

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