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2017 Seedling Give-A-Way for Members
We’d like to say thank you for being a CRA member with our annual free seedling give-a-way. Anyone who has made a donation to CRA in the last year is eligible.

We have a limited number of free seedlings – early reservations are encouraged. Seedlings must be ordered in bundles of 25* with a limit of 50 of any one species. Limit 150 total seedlings per household. Orders will be taken through April 10 or while supplies last.
Regional Conservation Partnership Program
Funds from the Farm Bill’s Regional Conservation Partnership Program are coming to Northern Michigan to improve water quality and protect wildlife habitat. A collaborative led by the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians was recently awarded $7.9 million that will be matched 1:1 to bring innovative approaches connecting key Farm Bill programs with locally-designed conservation work.
Seedling Give-A-Way for Members

We’d like to say thank you for being a CRA member with our annual free seedling give-a-way sponsored by ITC Holdings Corp. Anyone who has made a donation to CRA in the last year is eligible. We have a limited number of free seedlings – early reservations are encouraged. Seedlings must be ordered in bundles of 25* with a limit of 50 of any one species. Limit 200 total seedlings per household. Orders will be taken through April 8 or while supplies last. Please order via email to or mail to 10850 Traverse Hwy, Suite 1180, Traverse City, MI 49684.

Michigan Amphibian and Reptile Best Management Practices

The Michigan Amphibian and Reptile Best Management Practices was created for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to provide a comprehensive guide to Best Management Practices (BMPs) that improve and maintain the viability of Michigan amphibian and reptile populations.

Upper Manistee River Restoration Project Report Released

This report provides an overview of the Upper Manistee River Restoration project. Two overarching goals defined this project: Habitat restoration on the 1,720 acre Flowing Well Trout Farm property and replacement of the most severe, habitat degrading road/stream crossing on the Manistee River’s North Branch on Mecum Road. Located in rural Kalkaska County in northern Michigan, this project was completed over a five year period with the help of many dedicated partners and funders.


Manistee dam removal yields snake hibernaculum
By Kevin Duffy, Great Lakes Echo

Conservation biologists have built the first artificial home for snakes in northern Michigan. And they removed an entire dam to do it. Experts say that the snakes need the help. Native snakes, including the Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake and Northern water snake, require shelter from cold winters. But development threatens their habitat in what is “the greatest impact to amphibian and reptile populations and reproduction,” said David Mifsud, a wetland ecologist at Herpetological Resource and Management who helped with the restoration.

The Buzz about Pollinators

We hope you’ve spotted a monarch this summer! There has been a lot of buzz on the plight of pollinators. Read more about what you can do to promote their habitat at home.

Support the Mighty Monarch- Let your Milkweed Grow!

The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is perhaps the most recognizable butterfly in North America. Famous for its migration that spans thousands of miles and three to four generations annually, monarchs are a remarkable natural phenomenon and one that needs our attention.

Beaver Island Birding

Swifts are a family of highly aerial birds – they are among the fastest fliers and eat on the go catching insects in flight. Chimney swifts once nested in hollow trees but now almost exclusively use human-built structures.These birds got a boost on Beaver Island with the installation of a new educational chimney swift tower.

Top 10 of 2013

Staff recently reflected on the last year of work and we came up with a 2013 ‘Top 10’ list of memorable moments and milestones. From trudging through thick alder stands in chest-high water to witnessing the sunset over Lake Michigan on the sand dunes, we saw many unforgettable scenes here in Northern Michigan.

Flowing Well Finale

The final touches are being put on the former Flowing Well Trout Farm property in Kalkaska County. Our staff has been restoring the 1,720 acre property since 2008 and the finish line is now in sight.

Home Covers Calling

Conservation Resource Alliance was recently highlighted in “Home Covers Calling,” a member spotlight in each issue the Ruffed Grouse Society quarterly magazine.

Conservation Partner of the Year

Saving Birds Thru Habitat Executive Director Kay Charter recently recognized Eric Ellis as the Conservation Partner of the Year. Eric has been a Habitat Wildlife Biologist for CRA since 2007. Over the years, he and Charter have worked on a variety of conservation projects.

Wild Link Connects Beaver Island Archipelago

While many people recognize how our projects improve water quality and fish habitat, less is known about how reptiles, amphibians and birds are impacted by our habitat improvement projects. Learn more about how we are using plant and animal surveys to prioritize upcoming invasive species removal projects in one of Michigan biodiversity hotspots.

Upper Manistee Restoration Update at Flowing Well

Over the last year, CRA has continued to restore and enhance the Upper Manistee River at the former Flowing Well Trout Farm. Projects have concentrated on building habitat for both aquatic and terrestrial species. The placement of woody structures along stream channels has created high-quality aquatic habitat.

Wild Link goes Frog Wild

Many of CRA’s habitat improvement projects are centered in the streams, rivers, and other waterways of northern Michigan. While most people understand how our projects can help improve water quality and fish habitat less is known about how reptiles and amphibians are impacted by this work. To get a better understanding of how we can maintain or improve habitat for reptiles and amphibians as well as fish and other wildlife CRA contracted Herpetological Resource and Management, LLC (HRM) to assess our restoration work. The results of this assessment and suggested best management practices were presented to CRA in early 2010....

Timber! - Winter Habitat Improvement

Winter is the time for tree cutting. This winter the Wild Link program has been working with four landowners to help them improve their wildlife habitat and meet the goals laid out in their management plans. Wild Link is assisting two landowners clear small tracts of aging aspen to regenerate this important cover type....

Maple River Corridor

Financial support from the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation is funding the writing and implementation of three new habitat management plans on 510 acres in the Maple River Wildlife Corridor. Field work for these habitat management improvements has begun. Completed plans will outline specific activities to maintain and improve the wildlife habitat and water quality of the corridor near the Maple River in Emmet County.

June 2008 Wild Link Updates!

The first completed Wild Link habitat management plan in the Kingsley Wildlife Corridor was celebrated during a field tour on June 14th at Tom and Luann Waurzyniak’s property. A group of regional partners and interested landowners discussed private land wildlife and water management and viewed active habitat management activities on the property. The group also discussed funding sources for private landowners interested in improving wildlife habitat and water quality on their own land and in the region. Many thanks to the Waurzyniaks for hosting this event!

Troy Students Pitch In

On May 16th, 47 students from Troy Athens High School met at the Gilbert Lake Wild Link property for a morning of habitat improvement work. The students removed invasive autumn olive, constructed two deer exclosures to monitor browsing impacts on the forest, and built two large brush piles for small mammal and reptile habitat...

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